Exposition “Le contemporain dessiné

Le 17 mars prochain, à 18h, s’ouvrira l’exposition Le Contemporain dessiné que les Arts décoratifs organisent avec Drawing Now Paris à l’occasion du 10ème anniversaire de ce Salon du Dessin contemporain.

Exposition du 17 mars au 28 juin 2016, au musée des Arts décoratifs, 107 rue de Rivoli, Pavillon de Marsan, étages 5 à 9.

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*Contemporary Drawn*

*An Arts décoratifs course*

*(March, 17 – June, 28 2016)*

Result of a selection carried out in close collaboration with the – young and “historical” – art galleries to be featured in the tenth edition of /Drawing Now Paris/, this exhibition, covering the spaces dedicated to post-1940 collections of the Museum of the Arts décoratifs, questions a Contemporary drawing on the brink of the Beautiful and the Useful. An abstract of different generations of artists at work, the exhibition, built on the identity of the graphic gesture, questions the legacy and influence of the ornamental repertoire of the home, the city and the body on a contemporary creation whose interdisciplinarity mixes the codes of Art, Design and Industry


Agnès Callu (PhD/ HDR)
/Heritage Curator at the Museum of the Arts décoratifs/
/Head of the Graphic Arts Department – Cabinet des Dessins/

_Project team_

Hélène Andrieux and Catherine Gouédo
/Assistant curators of the Graphic Arts Department – Cabinet des Dessins/

Jérôme Banvillet
/Head of Operations of the Museum of the Arts décoratifs/